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 The Team 


Lisa McKeown

Lisa co-founded Ninelives UK Management company in 2012, signing and developing a number of emerging and established artists

By 2013 Ninelives Publishing was added to her list of start ups in the music sector, offering writers the opportunity to license the music, monitor its usage, and collect all associated royalties.The key goal... to exploit works through synchronisation deals, securing 

placements in the advertising, film, television and gaming industries.

In 2018 Lisa teamed up with Siren Music Management Inc. (Los Angeles) as well as joining forces with Waterbear University (Brighton) mentoring music students. 


Currently represents:

The Last Internationale 

Cellar Door Moon Crow 

Andrew Michael


Andrew has worked in the music industry for the past 16 years, but has been passionate about music his whole life. His background is investment banking where he set up and ran the Music & Entertainment divisions of 2 major banks in London.

In 2012 he co-founded Ninelives UK, a management company which was created to assist the careers of the many talented up and coming artists and bands that had little, or no support to succeed in the industry. He signed the first 3 bands to its roster that year. In 2013, Ninelives Publishing was born, which added to the group, further developing the Ninelives brand, and the family of musicians that were part of the roster.


In 2016 Andrew founded Ninelives Capital, extending his knowledge of finance to the music industry to the next level.


Zak Michael 


Whilst his journey in the music industry began in 2010, Zak has been immersed in the music business from a very young age. 


Making his initial footsteps in the industry in merchandising and the live touring space with the likes of Wilson (USA), The Graveltones (AUS), The Fallen State (UK) and many more, he has since transitioned into the artist management space, representing Outright Resistance. 


In 2018, he began working with a number of artists on their merchandise offering and developing their social media platforms, helping them to grow a much larger organic audience. 

Zak has also taken on the role of pitching our clients to numerous streaming playlists to much success.

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