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Music Publishing  

Ninelives Publishing offers peace of mind when it comes to collecting royalties for its artists.  It  ensures that all royalties due are collected and paid through to the artist.

We have an administration deal in place with Downtown Music Publishing , an international independent publisher. As a result, DMP add significant weight to negotiations on behalf of artists they have chosen to represent. Unlike major publishing companies, DMP artists are not buried under hundreds and thousands of A-list titles. 

Downtown's synch licensing department is very strong, and they have secured synchs all over the world for the Ninelives artists. These include placement of music in TV adverts, UK movies, computer games and Hollywood movies, our latest synch is above for the international brand 'SuperDry'


Through DMP we have sub-publishers in place throughout the world,  which enables Ninelives Publishing  to collect overseas royalties faster and at a lower cost than going through a collection agency alone.

Ninelives Publishing pay through your royalties on a quarterly basis, providing full statements of your earnings and any commission paid.

At Ninelives Publishing we not only focus on maximizing clients' publishing income but will actively help you find a label partner, a booking agent, press & online PR or even an accountant.

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